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Important Message


We are writing to let you know that at the end of October our funds for the current study phase will be expended. Our work is supported by the National Institutes of Aging, and we will be applying for future grant funds. We hope to return to you with new study activities soon. If you are working on the most recent questionnaire, please return it to us by the end of September so we can send payment.

We are now ending the telephone interview phase of the study. Many of you have participated in this activity, and we are so grateful that you chose to be part of our research ‘Ohana. Our research team has enjoyed getting to know you. Your participation allows us to answer important questions about ways to be resilient, and how we can all age well.

We have been on a journey together for many years. Your participation has supported the work of many team members and provided data for many researchers. Even in this down time, scientists will continue using the data we’ve collected to learn about how our lifestyle and our ways of thinking and feeling support healthy aging. Please know that your data remains secure and safe at ORI.

The Lifestyle, Health, and Culture Team

-October 2023

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Our goal is to contribute knowledge about the relations among lifestyle, personality, culture, and health over the lifespan with the help of the LCH project. We continue to try and locate people who participated in the earlier study during the years 1959-1967 as elementary school students in Hawai'i. People associated with the project receive phone interviews and complete surveys by mail or online.

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