For You

There are two ways you can help with the study:


Telephone Interviews

Every one-to-two years, we send participants a survey to complete at home. The surveys ask about your lifestyle, culture, and health. We will be sending out Survey 11 in the Fall of 2022.
If you haven’t received your survey, click here to let us know and we will send you one.
Benefits for Completing the Surveys:
  • Gain self-knowledge by filling out the surveys
  • You receive a check from us in thanks
  • Satisfaction of making your contribution to this important study
With your permission, we will keep in touch with you with a phone call once a year. This phone call asks about your health, and it includes some questions and puzzles to test your memory and thinking.
Benefits of Talking with Us on the Phone:
  • Learning how memory and thinking changes from year to year will be valuable for helping future generations
  • Everyone is different: Your unique contribution is very important for the study
  • You receive a check from us after each phone call